The truth about Curry’s shoot. (shoot·ers pa·ra·dise interview)

Steph Curry will go down as one of the best, if not the best shooter in the game of basketball.  He makes threes from the half court, from the stands, outside the arena, he is just amazing, and one of my top 10 players to watch of all times.  Some say that Steph has ultimately change the game of basketball in a good and exciting way.  Some say that he has changed it for the worst.  But it does not matter which side you are on, you can not deny that the man can shoot.

As a coach and a trainer I see what the people are talking about when they say that Curry change the game in a negative way.  I see kids step in the gym and trying to launch up shots from the half court circle,  I see kids hold the ball for the last shot behind the three point line when there is an open lane, while down 1 and hoist up a three with no form to suggest that he would have made that shot with no one on him with 10 min left in the game with a rim the size of a beach ball.

Where am I going with this.  I came across some footage on NBA tv where 3D Dennis Scott was interviewing Steph Curry.  (click to watch interview ShooterParidise) In the interview Steph talks about working at getting that shooters touch that i hear other coaches talk about but never really see them teach.

So what did Steph do to get that shot?

Well he did not wake up a shooter, He put in work. He formed good habits to reinforce the mentality of a shooter and the confidence of a legend.  Wake up and go to the gym and believe that this is the day that you will work harder than the greatest shooter.   So what did he do?  He did not go into the gym and start shooting from half court like some of you kids do. As a coach I love what this guy say about learning your touch as a shooter.  I have watch a lot of these kids shoot and I can tell they they are the walk in the gym and shoot from half court to get a shot like Curry type. Your first drill as a shooter should be one hand form shooting right under the basket for at least twenty made then two steps back for another twenty made, then another two steps back till you are one step behind the three point line. If you want to get fancy with it you can make it into a Mikan drill where you are using one hand form shooting, start on the your weak side of the basket two feet out and put up a shot each time you shoot, hit or miss you track down your shoot and then head to the other side of the rim with that same one hand and then shoot. This is a form shooting drill that will help you with rhythm and touch.

Shout out to Dennis 3D Scott @3deezy

shoot·ers pa·ra·dise

1. The mind of a shooter each night is to make shots

2. Next shot always goes in

3. Confidence

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