Showcase Teams

Our primary focus for our Showcase Teams is to highlight their capabilities to play on the college level. The players of our showcase teams will travel to various states up and down the east coast during and between the NCAA open period competing in front of college coaches and scouts from Division I II III schools as well as high school prep. Player or student first then athletes, as such, during the process we also help guide our players through the process of qualifying academically for each level of the NCAA college landscape. Often we offer them resources to get them extra tutoring in classes that they have difficulty in.

The teams practice twice a week for a total of 4-6 hours. Also we often have open run for past players to come and compete with our current teams so that our current players can get a feel of where they are and need to be for the next level. Practices consist of one Team Concept practice and two Skill Development training sessions each week. Our skill development practices focus on both basketball skills along with speed, agility, strength and conditioning. Also players are welcome to train with our trainers at any time during the season as part of their team cost.

The fee that each player pays covers: Gym time, Tournament Fees, Jerseys, Van Rentals, and Team rooms on away trips.

We will be going to four away tournaments and will require two overnight stay pre tournaments.  For players that will be attending these tournaments without parental chaperone will have to stay in a team provided rooms.   These players will be required to pay a slightly higher team fee.

Showcase Teams News

Edge Bulldog upcoming spring/summer open showcase season.

We are looking to have the following boys teams:


Contact coach Rob Wilson (240) 681-5788 or Coach Rowe (301) 237-4577 for information.

Notes For Coaches

All coaches must be certified by the NCAA to be on the team bench. Certification can be acquired HERE. All coaches must also complete the “NCAA Eligibility” course at www.nfhslearn.com. ALL of these are required to participate. Failure to complete will prohibit teams from competing.

NCAA Certification Step by Step Process