The Edge Basketball Academy is a comprehensive, year-round basketball training program comprised of a variety of learning opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Our programs consists of camps, mini-camps, clinics, weekly skills academies, and private and group instruction.

Edge Basketball Academy provide necessary support and training methods to optimize our clients fitness levels and improve their basketball skills. We pride ourselves on having created a training system that challenges players to maximize their abilities through comprehensive basketball-specific strength, flexibility, movement, agility, and speed training, while seamlessly integrating on-court basketball skill instruction.

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Ten signs you are good teammate

Found this on the net: Your’e willing to play any role that helps the team You would rather score less and win than score a lot and lose When your team scores, the first people you congratulate are your teammates […]

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College Bound Students Requirements

We recommend that you review the division I and II requirements for college bound athletes looking to play in.  It is important to know if you are academically eligible to play in these divisions. Division I Requirements Click Here… Division […]

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Notes For Coaches

All coaches must be certified by the NCAA to be on the team bench. Certification can be acquired HERE. All coaches must also complete the “NCAA Eligibility” course at www.nfhslearn.com. ALL of these are required to participate. Failure to complete will prohibit teams from competing.

NCAA Certification Step by Step Process